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Date: 2009-01-05

Free Website Setup madness!!

By popular demand the 1000 Free B.E.P. Promotion continues! You have requested the date restriction removed to tell your friends and Buzz Computing Solutions have granted your wish!

Hurry and get yours before they are all given away! SEE DETAILS BELOW!

Call 684-7812 OR



Package Features:

Free Upgrades

The Buzz Evolution Platform is constantly being updated. Upgrades are done in the order of the most popular requests by our clients. Clients may request free upgrades via the provided feedback form in the B.E.P. Control panel. (Custom upgrades are available).

Free Templates

Client may choose or change the look and feel of their website by the click of a mouse. Custom templates are available upon request.

Free Hosting

HOT! Buzz Evolution Platform
HOT! Site Studio Enabled
unlimited MB (unlimited GB) Web Space
45 GB Traffic/Bandwidth
800 Email Accounts
Front Page Ready

Click here for hosting details

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